W O R L D S    M O S T    P O W E R F U L   M E D I C I N A L   P L A N T S





Feverfew is a know to be the most medicinal plant. This anti-inflammatory can treat rheumatism, arthritis and, most famously , migraine headaches and tension headaches.
It’s also good for alleviating tension and general anxiety.
It also helps to reduce swelling and bruising. Though feverfew is most effective when taken daily, it can be a helpful pain reliever


Lady Ferns


One of the world’s oldest plants.
The juices released will quickly ease stinging nettle burns and can also ease minor cuts, stings and burns.




Korean Mint ( hyssop )


Mint is famous for soothing headaches, fighting nausea, calming the stomach and reducing nervousness and fatigue.
Korean mint, also called Indian mint and hyssop, is a fairly effective antiviral, making it useful for fighting colds and the flu






It is one of the most valuable herb. It is anti-flammatory, anti-oxidant, and antifungal.
It was used as a preservative for meat before the advent of refrigeration
Sage aids digestion, relieves cramps, reduces diarrhea, dries up phlegm, fights colds, reduces inflammation and swelling, acts as a salve for cuts and burns, and kills bacteria.
Sage apparently even brings color back to gray hair.






blackberries have useful healing properties and are loaded in antioxidants and vitamins, but the leaves and roots have value, too.
The leaves and root can be used as an effective treatment against dysentery and diarrhea as well as serving usefulness as an anti-inflammatory and astringent.
Ideal for treating cuts and inflammation in the mouth.



Red Clover

red clover is now ubiquitous worldwide. The plant’s reddish pink blossoms can be used for coughs and colds.
But they are an excellent detoxifier and blood cleanser as well.