M O S T    B E A U T I F U L    F L O W E R S    I N     T H E    W O R L D




They really look like a bird because of its shape and color and are found in South Africa plus it is also called as crane flower.







They resemble a snow ball, because of its bluish white color. They have the beautiful petals like a star. People love them in their weddings because it represents the innocent feeling.









You look at the flower and you will find sophistication and elegancy. But behind that elegancy, there is poison because it is from the species of poisonous plant family. The flower is highly toxic.







They resemble solitude and regret and are often found in woods. Covered in a blue dense layer, these trees look like heaven trees.









They are in different live colors and grow in bush, as the time passes the bushes grow large and the color is so exotic yellow and pink, but as the plant grows the color of petals change.





These are the most beautiful, popular and scented flowers of the world and as I mentioned above each color of rose represents something.









These tiny flowers are so small and beautiful that you’ll be in love with them at the first sight. Their formation on the trees is really so magical and are perfect in every way. You’ll find the innocence in them.