B I B L I C A L    T R U T H 





Here's a powerful reason why you should not.  Believe it or not, the Bible does not give any inkling of any advice or instruction to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.  Imagine that. 
If you read the Bible even the early saints never gave any instruction to celebrate.  Now, if the Bible does not tell us, then why are the Christians doing it ?  Tradition.






The Bible never gives Christians instructions to build a physical church.  The Bible never instructs Christians to hire or employ a pastor to take tithe money from God to build a personal fortune to increase the assets of the pastor's estate, who legally owns the church, land, buildings and ministry.
Today, the churches are run contrary to the Bible's examples.  They make their own rules and twist things around to violate the essence of the Bible. The early church met in homes, not in controlled environments owned and operated by pastors or denominations.







Jesus never taught or suggested that Christians get involved in politics.
This is not taught in churches today.  Christians are urged to vote for specific politicians and promote laws more than they are urged to proclaim the Gospel.  If you ask a church member how many lost souls he reached out for Jesus last week he will look at you with a blank stare or say, " That's a personal question between me and God "





A pastor that sells the Word of God to make a profit is prostituting the Word of God. 
Jesus said freely you have received, freely give.  He never told the Apostles or the Disciples to sell the Word of God.

Today pastors create fabulous books, tapes, TV shows and even movies to make a profit.  They are selling the Word of God today, pastors are raking in millions of dollars in selling their version of the Gospel and Christians are buying it. This activity is unbiblical and robbery.






Pastors today are begging for money from the flock, demanding God's tithe be paid to them.  The  Pastor keeps the money and actually invests the money into stocks, bonds, real estate, etc.  The profits remain with the pastor. 
Tithe money and profits now legally and lawfully belong to the pastor who owns the properties and investments.  Even worse, pastors now recommend, as investment advisors, how the flock can make huge profits by revealing to them investment opportunities ( the pastor gets a commission payment one way or another ). 
Not once in the Bible is it ever mentioned to invest God's money to make a profit for the pastor.






Pastors do not teach the congregation courage to evangelize.  They keep the flock in a constant timid state of fear.  The Bible says the fearful are reserved for hell.
To be afraid to proclaim the Gospel in God's eyes is betraying Him, hiding your light, not bearing good fruit, scattering, being a lazy, worthless and unfaithful servant and becoming His enemy.  Pastors do not care to teach and give classes on how to evangelize.  They have classes for everything you can imagine, but not one class on how to proclaim the Gospel to the lost.






You will notice that the altar call pastors use to trap new visitors to become members of his church is to ask anyone if they will accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  This seems good, but there is one huge element missing and that is repentance from sin and salvation from hell's fire is not preached.  What results is a false conversion.
Read II Corinthians  7:9.  What happens is the church fills with emotionally converted members who are not spiritually born-again.  They can be religious and desire the things of God, but they are not born-again.  It is a great trick of Satan and a deadly one. Jesus said you must be born again to enter heaven.  Jesus said in His parable of the wedding feast that you must have the proper wedding garment ( be born - again ) to partake in the wedding feast in heaven or you will be bound hand and foot and cast into hell.





Pastors have convinced Christians to believe that serving the church is serving God.  This is not true.  Jesus never said to serve a church, but to serve and obey God and God alone.
pastors have even the ushers, floor sweepers, cooks and repair persons and other unpaid volunteers believing they are performing blessed works in the Lord's service.  These unpaid workers will eagerly "work" and "donate their time and effort" to serve the needs of the church... perhaps for church worship services or some other special event.  These same unpaid workers will not and have not ever proclaimed the Gospel to a perfect lost stranger.  The Bible warns that the lost is to be saved and this is God's will.






You must believe the pastor whatever he preaches to you and you must not doubt him.  You must do what he says for you to do because he is your spiritual father or authority.  You must follow your pastor's lead.  If he says you must give your tithe money to him, then you must do it.  If he asks for more money you must not say no or you will be saying no to God and God's work. 
You are to believe with all of your heart, mind and soul the pastor will never lie to you.  You must believe your pastor is called by God and is gifted with special powers to preach wonderful sermons.
You must attend worship services each week or you are in danger of going to hell.  You need a physical church for salvation
All of the above sentences are lies, but is taught in churches one way or another that brings about these results.




Pastors everywhere in thousands of churches nationwide and worldwide are celebrating the Sabbath on Sunday and they teach all in their church to do the same.  These apostate pastors are deceived and are deceiving others to break God's command to keep the Sabbath holy.  Jesus kept the Sabbath and He kept it on Friday at sundown to Saturday sundown. 
He did not tell us to change the Sabbath day to Sunday.  The Catholics changed it, but God's Word and His commandments do not change. 
The Apostle Peter never said to worship God on Sunday.  Paul never said to change the Sabbath.  Satan has devised another method to get every Christian to habitually break the Lord's commandment, yet in the same breath praise the Lord.






This is the great trick that sends many to hell.  Pastors (and priests) begin a process of substituting other things that will create salvation.  Only Jesus saves, but in some churches you got a bunch of church doctrines and rules and regulations to adhere to, if you want to be saved.
The Catholics, for example teach you must have sacraments or you will go to hell.  The protestant pastors are teaching that you must attend church regularly or you will go to hell ( usually by convincing you that you will backslide the moment you leave church ). 
Both are wrong.
However, pastors still will not teach the commands of Jesus at worship services.  Slick pastors have discovered they can substitute prayer and worship in place of obedience to God's Word and they have pulled it off deceiving thousands. 





churches will not dare preach of hell fire.  The pastor will not properly teach that Jesus warned that many who call Him Lord will be tossed into hell fire.  They will not teach that a " servant " is a Christian who is supposed to be serving the Lord and that Jesus warned that the unprofitable servant will be rejected and send to hell.  Pastors ignore Jesus command to teach all that He has commanded and will now not even warn the flock that they are in grave danger of being cut off the vine for bearing no good fruit.
Why?  As It will offend the people  and they may just get up and leave the church.
Money is more important than truth to apostate pastors.  Pastors are fearful to teach the truth and will compromise Jesus commands to preserve their own jobs and livelihood.







Speak to most pastors today and they will tell you they just love the church and are so happy to serve the church.  Jesus had no such feeling for the church of His day.  That Jewish church had become so corrupted and apostate .Jesus had to condemn the lawyers, scribes and Pharisees running it, more than just a few times!
That is the condition Christian churches are in today.  Jesus warned that at the end time there would be a great falling away.  It is not a falling away of church attendance as many believe, it is a great falling away of believing and obeying God's Word.Christians love the church more than they love God.








The protestants believe one - billion Roman Catholics are deceived, but you won't see the average protestant churchgoer doing anything to save these poor Roman Catholics.  The protestants believe millions of Mormons and Jehovah Witnesses are deceived, but again you won't see any urgency by the average protestant churchgoer doing anything to warn these lost souls of hell fire awaiting them . . .  Why? 
They don't care!  Apostate churches are too busy trying to please themselves and trying to get things from God to be bothered with a conviction to save the lostEven pastors don't care and they don't work in public and they don't teach how to evangelize. 
They are all disobeying Jesus' commands to proclaim the Gospel.  They may support some missionaries with money donations, but the individual churchgoer refuses to get their hands dirty proclaiming the Gospel.






If you visit churches nationwide you will see an alarming similarity that they all copy each other of how the church worship service is operated.  Apart from formalities and ritual they all are too busy saving themselves.  Sermons are given to uplift and make everybody feel good.  Sermons on how to get rich, get a new car and even a home with trees you did not plant. 
Getting the promises from God without repentance and obedience to God's Word.  Seminars, retreats, conventions and even television ministries are spewing out this same format; how to get from God without obedience.






Prayer is powerful and is encouraged, but Jesus was speaking to those who were His disciples; those who would be " actively working " for God to proclaim the Gospel.  He was speaking to those who were bearing good fruit and saving the lost.  He was not speaking to churchgoers whom all they want to do is attend church.  Jesus said that prayer would grant needs, but He was speaking to those who were going to be working in God's Kingdom to reach
the lost. 
Pastors are teaching people that you don't need to obey Jesus' commands, but you can pray to God in Jesus' name and still get things from God without bearing good fruit.  They teach the tree that does not bear fruit God will water.  Jesus said the tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down.
Who are you going to believe, Jesus or your pastor?  Jesus made a barren tree shrivel up and die.  That's how upset He gets when He sees do - nothing, lazy, unprofitable servants.  It is still a visible warning that Jesus is not going to be mocked and if you do not bear much good He will discard you.







You can see dozens of elderly Christians roaming about the streets and shopping malls daily.The doctor tells them to exercise and they obey the doctor with great faith and they exercise by walking.  These are dedicated churchgoers and religious people who live by a strange code.  They call themselves Christians and they believe they are going to heaven.
They just walk around aimlessly with no purpose.  Many believe God has abandoned them.  Many are right!  God will never abandon a true Christian who is born again and on fire for God.  But He will discard a tree that does not bear much good fruit.







Jesus said to obey Him.  Jesus said to obey God.  Jesus said to obey His commands.  Pastors teach to obey the church.
False shepherds are abounding everywhere in the physical churches leading millions of people astray.  Other Christians know it and they too choose to remain silent.  They are afraid of the pastors and the church system.

You can follow the church and go to hell, but those who follow Jesus shall be saved.








That is what Jesus told the Apostles "Leave them."  Jesus also taught that light and darkness have no place with each other. Many Christians will remain is a dead church where God and His agenda has been kicked-out long ago.  They attend the needs of the dead, instead of leaving the dead to bury the dead and follow Jesus. Pastors teach to follow Jesus you must attend a church.  You must be a member of a church. People are " addicted " to church and they have no interest in obeying God's commands. 
Many know this is true, but they still will not leave their church.  Jesus warned that you can not serve two masters.








Go to many apostate churches and you will see the pastor.laying hands on people to heal the sick, but the Bible does not say to be healed to ask your pastor to lay his hands on you.  The Bible says for other Christians, meaning you, me, the guy and gal standing next to you shall lay hands on the sick and heal them. 
Today, you have a pastor taking over the task  and these pastors do not teach the church member how to heal the sick, they keep this secret to themselves to maintain their own power base. 








Jesus said to visit the sick, but today the pastor has taken over that task and it makes the congregation claim, "We visit the sick.  Our pastor is the first one to be at the hospital when any of us get ill. "
The Bible does not say it is the pastor's job to visit the sick, it says it is your job !  Secondly, Christians are not to delegate their personal responsibilities away from the themselves and charge others to do their job for them.  The Bible says this clearly and you will answer as to why you did not visit the sick  or were merciful to the down and out stranger.








Jesus was baptized in public in a flowing river.  John the Baptist could have used a temple baptismal but he never did.  Everything was in the open for unbelievers to see. Nothing was done behind the sealed closed doors of a temple or other church building.
Today, you have to join or be ready to join a church, be indoctrinated and even sign an agreement in some cases and make an appointment to be baptized behind the closed doors of the church. The unsaved will not come to Christ and be saved " on the spot " if Christians do not take the church out of church.  Pastors still will not do what the early church freely did as a routine.








God wants food on His table.  That is what the tithe is for, to put food on God's table. When there was a Jewish temple, it was okay to give tithe money to the priests as God commanded.
But in the New Testament God the temple was " destroyed. "  God does not want you to give tithe money to temples ( or any physical church or money - begging ministry ).  Pastors are not telling the truth when they claim that their church is God's house.  It is not God's house.
God does not live in a building made by men's hands.  That is what He says in His Word. Do not be fooled by apostate pastors who are taking the tithe money and hardly a dime is spent on saving the lost.  Better to spend the tithe money on your own ministry to save the lost than give your tithe money to a tree that bears no fruit ( food ) for God.








How many times have you heard the powerful sermon by a pastor in which he is outraged with the injustice of an event that has taken place in our country?  It would seem like God Himself was preparing for judgment day
The pastor uses so much emotion and raises his voice in holy anger, etc.  But you should remember this is just a stage play. 
It is a theatrical performance to dazzle the flock with brilliantly placed words and phrases to tickle the emotions.
You will not see the pastor himself proclaim the injustice on the street corner so all can hear.  He will not invest God's tithe money to tell the world in secular televised or newspaper interviews. The lost never get to hear your pastor tell them of the Good News of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.  They never hear these fabulous sermons.

In the pastor's mind it is best for the lost not to hear the Gospel free of charge.







The message today by pastors to new converts and old is a lovely Gospel full of nice things to hear using wonderfully beautiful sermons.  Jesus did not preach wonderfully beautiful sermons.  He preached hell fire, punishment and
repentance.  Many sermons were given of servants being judged unworthy and put into hell. 
These hellish sermons are not heard in churches today.








If you ever get around to reading books authored by pastors on how to build and grow a church you will find every " trick " and " gimmick " designed to deceive or mislead people. Even manipulating mind control and hypnosis are used, but of course they don't use those words in the books; they just use the techniques and call them " church programs."
Even music is used to " soften the mood " of people to be easily influenced.








Read the Bible and it will tell you how to run a church successfully.  The New Testament churches were ran perfectly and did the job the Lord commanded of them. Not once did God call anyone in the New Testament church to build a new church building. 
Not once did God lead a person to feel led to " collect tithe money " to build a new physical church building.  It is no wonder then that false religion cults are so successful as they do build physical churches where they can get people inside closed doors and play church and influence them to believe their doctrines.
The apostate church does the same thing.  The foundation is of brick and mortar, but Jesus said to build on Himself, the Rock.  Jesus does not need a church full of people who disobey His commands.








Take a good hard look at those pastors who wear impressive religious robes to impress upon the congregation that they are someone " special and worthy " to wear a robe and you can't.  This is an old trick to suggest and impress upon the eye of the beholder a sense of superiority to respect and to not question or doubt them.
The New Testament church did not demand that someone be placed in robes and use iron - fisted methods to rule the church congregation.  You will also notice how the costume is handed - down from father to son.  God did not authorize this behavior in the Bible.








It It is also known that the New Testament church did not authorize pastors to be yelling and raising their voice to the flock to submit authority upon the flock. 
Do not be fooled by these arrogant loud - mouth pastors who are bilking you from your hard - earned money, stealing God's tithe to build their fancy church and increasing their wealth and personal estate. Yet Christians attending these apostate churches will not wise up because they are hypnotically controlled. 
These pastors have so much control they can even insult their congregation in sermons and get away with it.








There are many disabled and elderly living on very limited incomes and many find it hard to even buy enough to eat, but the church pastor never lends them a financial hand.  These poor widows and orphans must still give their tithe money to the pastor weekly or monthly.
The New Testament church used funds to help each other and to evangelize, but the apostate church today does not help the congregation, they place a burden upon their necks and take their money for gain. They do this all in the name of the Lord.  Plus, they then entice these poor people to come up with more money to buy the pastor's sermons on audio tapes, books or television videos.








It is amazing that many churches publish catalogs of products that they produced with God's tithe money and then sell it to the very same people who gave the tithes, and at exorbitant prices in most cases.  What business has  a church doing such things?  Who gave these pastors authority to do it?
Christians have been blind-sided by apostate pastors making millions of dollars from God's very own tithe money and not sharing a dime with the needy.








Church attendance can be so important to a Christian the church worship service can become an object of idolatry.  How?  If church attendance becomes more important than obeying God's commands, you can be certain God will not be pleased with your choice and actions. 
What did God do to them when they disobeyed His commands?  He had them bitten with poisonous serpents, swallowed by the earth, carried them off to slavery and even had them killed in war.  The Lord holds back His hand today, but at judgment day He will have His day of wrath upon those who disobey Him.
It is better to obey the Lord than to attend church worship services.







Most church members don't take heaven, hell and saving the lost serious.  They seem to be too busy worshipping and singing songs and praying in church than to even question if what they are doing and what they believe is " really the truth. " 
Salvation of your soul is very serious business and when Jesus said " few " will enter heaven, you had better start thinking seriously about what He is saying.







The pastor has no Biblical right to put the church fellowship into financial debt to pay for a church building or school or whatever that he personally owns.  But that is what the apostate pastor will do. They take out huge loans to build or expand building projects.
Then they place the burden of paying for the principal and interest upon the necks of the flock to pay it off.  Who profits ?  The pastor profits, he owns these buildings free and clear.  You bet his retirement years will be lavish.







Pastors instruct the flock to invite people they know to visit the church.  This is not evangelism, it is a trick.  The pastor
doesn't even preach in the street to reach the lost, so don't be fooled that he cares for the lost, he doesn't.

Apostate pastors have twisted the Bible to meet their own needs and desires, to get the lost to come to church is not what Jesus had in mind when He said to " go " proclaim the Gospel to the lost.  He sent His Disciples into the streets to witness in the various towns. There was no church building and Jesus never said to build a physical church building.







If you read Deuteronomy 28:47 - 48 it can stimulate you to think that God can use a church and a pastor to destroy you for not serving the Lord.
Read it closely and it closely resembles the condition of the modern day church









The church is closed today, tomorrow, the next day, the next day, the next day.  It may only be open for business two days a week but only a few hours each of those days.  Other than that the church is closed every day and every night.  The bars and strip clubs are open, but the lost have no place of refuge when the church doors are sealed shut with nobody home to answer the door. 
You won't find church members actively reaching out to the lost, so the lost just stay lost.  These big expensive churches are only open for business when a flock is to arrive to donate money to it.

That happens to be a Saturday or a Sunday.  Once the money is collected the doors are again sealed shut - tight, locked.







Churchgoers have the same disease rates as unbelievers.  That is what studies have shown.  The same divorce rates too.  So, these churchgoing Christians attend church services and pray for healing, etc.  They don't get what they want.
Why?  Because they violate God's conditions.  There are many conditions in the Bible,
But here are just two we will use as an example.  If you want your miracle from Jesus, then read and obey this;  "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; a good understanding have all those who do His commandments " - Psalm 111:10.  Are you doing what Jesus said for you to do in His parables and elsewhere ?  Did He command you to go to church on Sunday?  Did He command you to worship Him on Sunday?  Or was is Friday and Saturday?  Did He tell you to worship Him inside a church building?  Get the idea?  Jesus will not tolerate disobedience and falseness.  He will not heal those who choose to disobey Him.
Jesus said for you to go proclaim the Gospel.  He said for " you " to do it, not somebody else.  Are you doing it ? Are you willing ?  Are you trying ? Are you at least leaving Gospel tracts where the lost can find them?  If you are not being merciful to those who will certainly perish in hell, then God is not going to be merciful to you.








You hear this plea from many ministers and those who support them, but you will most all of the time notice there is also a plea for you to donate money to them so they can continue the ministry to reach more souls. 
The ministry does not really want your prayers, they are praying that you will feel led to open your wallet ! 
The Lord said He would supply all the needs if you  put the Kingdom of God first.  He never said to beg for money.  He never said to cry to other Christians to give financial gifts or conduct fund - raising activities.









Go to church and open your eyes and ears this time.  Sit back and just listen and watch what is going on.
Just listen and watch the events unfold.  Try to distance yourself so you can see the big picture of how the pastor has conducted a format of control and obedience to himself. 
When you see all the wonderful things taking place ask yourself if any of these worshippers are truly going to go forth and proclaim the Gospel the moment they leave church ?