A M A Z I N G    D I S G U  I S E S


The Bird Shit Spider

Hailing from Spider Capital of the World, Australia, this critter has found a clever method of hiding from predatory birds. Well, as clever as "looking like poop" can be.
Birds are adept enough at finding fresh food that they don't have to scrounge around in their own droppings, so this is actually one of the best places to hide in plain sight



The Clam's Fish Decoy


the fish, the one next to the clam...is not a fish. What we're seeing here is a broken-rays mussel; a freshwater mollusk whose fleshy lips come together as a perfect replica of a minnow.
It looks like a tasty treat for larger carnivores, but it's actually an egg sac filled with horrifying parasitic larvae that explode in your face and burrow inside you.


Spiders Pretending to be Ants


Whether they're hiding from predators, or just like the taste of ants and prefer to move incognito, lots of spiders have evolved to look so similar to ants that you can barely tell the difference.



Caterpillars Playing Snake

Before you earn your wings, you have to spend your infancy as a slow-moving tube of meat in a world crawling with meat-loving predators.
When they become frightened, they retract their heads backward into themselves, causing that bulge that looks like the head of a snake.




Moths Pretending to be Spider

Metalmark moths of the Brenthia genus find that the best way to avoid getting killed by spiders is to wear the enemy uniform.
When a metalmark is confronted by its arch nemesis the jumping spider, it arranges its wings to mimic the spider's pose, looking like a bigger, meaner, spider.



Bugs Pretending to be Plants

The stick insect
which sways back and forth to mimic the sway of branches in the breeze.


And the dead-leaf butterfly





Plants Looking Like Bugs

Bee Orchid of the west Mediterranean has found a method that doesn't affect its bottom line
The color, shape and texture make this flower look like a female bee, and it also releases pheromones to attract the male bees.


The Mimic Octopus


 The Mimic Octopus, Thaumoctopus mimicus, is a species of octopus that has a strong ability to mimic other creatures.

It is imitating a foul - tasting flatfish



Impression of a shrimp with the touch of death


mimic octopus can spread out two tentacles to look like a snake , specifically, a toxic sea snake