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I am Vernon , a freelance designer , Have been working with web and art work for the past 3 - 4 years.I am creating and educating myself in the vast field of creativity and graphics.
My passion is to explore new horizons,desiging and gathering information from across the world. It is always a great pleasure to work with the things you love.

 This site contains information, facts and things which are not know to many.It is only after due verification is it embedded.


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Weird And Amazing

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do add

nataliekk | 21/10/2011

need's a section on crazy stuff as well i guess


maye14u | 12/10/2011

kp up the good work, would like to c more of this section

old & new

patrick lenard | 07/10/2011

duh then & now section is really innovative.But would like to see more of it

pics - hell on earth

misseltoe | 04/10/2011

Mind....blowing....never seen in dat angle


cateye33 | 28/09/2011

"shocking" category is Guddddd

welcome bk !!!!!!!!!!

kary026 | 08/09/2011

Kool to b bk ... Awe'''sme...do complete it soon

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